Apr 21, 2008

Bluetooth Mobile Phones – Connectivity Simplified

The mobile phone industry is one of those many industries that is fast escalating the rungs of progress, courtesy of the evolving technology. Since the inception of the very first mobile phone on Earth, the industry hasn't ever looked back. Human beings are unfalteringly becoming prone to technological development, and the mobile phone industry is playing its part as a catalyst to the epidemic. Owing to this development, there is hardly any room left for fastidious consumer behaviour as all the mobile phone manufacturers are gulping a sip of the potion of technological progress to oust one another. Bluetooth technology is one of the numerous developments that has taken the mobile phone market by storm. No wonder almost every mobile phone in the market flaunts this technology today.

How does it work?

1.Bluetooth is a wireless network technology, through which you can transfer data in the form of radio waves between a Bluetooth enabled phone and computers, laptops, printers, and other compatible devices. 2.The maximum range within which data can be shared through it is 10 meters.

Why go for a Bluetooth mobile phone?

1.Bluetooth is the most hassle free network technology for data sharing between compatible devices. 2.Bluetooth allows users to share all kinds of data, such as image files, music files, video files, and text documents. 3.You can share data even on the move between mobile devices as Bluetooth runs on a wireless network technology. 4.Bluetooth technology ensures high speed and efficient sharing of data between Bluetooth enabled devices as the range of network is a meagre 10 meters.

With all these facilities available at the hands of a Bluetooth device wielder, it is hardly a surprise that Bluetooth has become such a big hit in today's world. And with technology rapidly gaining newer grounds in the mobile phone industry, Bluetooth technology may well go to higher levels of development.

Author: Elizabeth Wills
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