Apr 21, 2008

The Future Of Your Mobile Phone - Know What Your Mobile Phone Will Do After 20

These days, mobile phone has become an integral part of most of our lives. In fact, it has become extremely difficult to imagine life without cell phones. We all know that with a mobile phone it is easy to stay connected with loved one even from a distant place. All you require to do is to dial a phone number. The service of a cell phone is not limited to just getting connected to a loved one. There are several other things this little portable communication device is capable of doing. You can click photographs, take videos, download music, listen to songs, play games, send messages, pictures, videos, watch movies, listen to the latest news, calculate, use it as an alarm clock, currency converter and much more.

Now with so much your mobile phone is capable of doing at present, can you imagine what services it will provide you in the future? It is absolutely impossible to predict what a cell phone will do in 2010.

If you are curious to know the qualities to be integrated in to a cell phone by 2010, here are some important clues.

Eight things your mobile phone will be capable to do after 2010.

a) Wallet

The latest technology known as 'Near-Field Communication or NFC' has the power to transform an ordinary cell phone in to credit or debit card. If you want to pay for the purchase via a built-in NFC chip, all you require to do is place a phone on a sensitive surface meant for the purpose or holds it at a distance of about a few centimeters near NFC. The money will be withdrawn from the bank account, credit or deposit on an immediate basis.

b) Internet

Now, you don't require to sit near a PC or visit cyber zone in order to get connected to the internet. You can easily access internet via your mobile phone. The phones feature HTML browsers in order to facilitate using WAP sites.

c) Posting

Federal communication commission, USA has predicted that most mobile operators would determine the location of people when they call for help on 911. This will be possible with the help of global positioning system or GPS.

d) Mobile Search

Mobile search engines will became an integral part of all mobile phones by 2010. One can easily access search engines directly from the main screen of the user interface.

e) The TV

Now, mobile television is possible on the cell phone screen. According to IMS research about 30 million mobile phone users will actively use mobile television services in USA in coming three years.

f) Enhanced ergonomics

With the launch of Apple iphone on the market consumers will now experience improved ergonomics and usability on their mobile phones.

g) GSM Base Station

Most people find it difficult to make their cell phone work perfectly inside a room. By 2010, this problem will be extinct.

h) Smart networks

Today, many mobile phones support different network standards. This allows the owners to travel freely with a single device in their pocket.

By 2010, all mobile phones will come with integrated Wi-Fi modules that will automatically connect to almost all access points.

Author: Steve_Manik
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